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Posted on 10-10-2018

Diagnosing your Halitosis With Inspiration Dental

If you regularly find you have bad breath, it is likely you are searching for a way to remedy this situation. Calling Inspiration Dental to make an appointment with our Riverview Dentist is an option. In addition to seeing our Dentist in Riverview, read over the following information to learn more about bad breath and how to stop it from happening.

Woman Hiding Bad Breath

Common Reasons For Bad Breath

There are a few different reasons why someone would suffer from bad breath. It may be the result of poor oral hygiene practices. It could be caused by an infection of a tooth. Some people find they have severe bad breath simply because it is a hereditary problem. Eating foods like garlic or sugary snacks often can contribute to bad breath problems. Smoking leads to bad breath as well.

Steps To Take To Minimize Bad Breath

It is imperative to perform proper oral hygiene practices to keep bad breath at bay. Make sure to brush your teeth after every meal and take the time to floss at least once a day to remove bacteria from your mouth. Pay special attention to the back of your tongue when brushing as this area often harbors bacteria that can cause foul odors. Drink plenty of water as the increase of saliva in your mouth will help remove bacteria. Make sure to see our dentist if oral hygiene does not help your halitosis as an underlying problem could be present.

How Our Dentist In Riverview Can Help

Visiting our Dentist in Riverview will help you determine the cause of your bad breath. A complete examination will be conducted and any problems with your teeth or gums will be addressed to help keep halitosis from continuing. If your teeth are in superior condition, you may be referred to a family practitioner.

Have Halitosis? Contact us Today!

If you are dealing with bad breath, contact Inspiration Dental to make an appointment with our Riverview dentist for a full assessment of your teeth to determine whether there is a problem causing this condition. Contact our practice today by calling 813-677-1200.

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