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Posted on 07-13-2018

Tooth Decay Is Common, but Not Inevitable - Prevent and Treat it with our Riverview Dentist

Tooth decay, permanent damage to the tooth enamel often leads to the formation of a cavity. While cavities are extremely common and easy to fix, they are also fairly easy to prevent, though circumstances play a role in how successful this is. If you have tooth decay, you do need to have it taken care of so that it doesn't get worse. And if you're in Riverview, FL, you access to excellent dentists here at Inspiration Dental.

Woman during a dental exam to treat for a cavity with her dentist in Riverview

Treatment for Tooth Decay and Cavities

Cavities, also called dental caries, occur when bacteria create acid on your teeth, and the acid eats through the enamel. Decay can appear anywhere on the tooth and does not necessarily hurt, though pain is a common symptom. The bacteria feed off sugars in plaque, which is why removing plaque and food debris from your teeth is so important.

If a cavity gets worse, it can affect the inner layers and nerves of the tooth and possibly lead to the death of the tooth. An x-ray is needed to diagnose a cavity (sometimes a dark stain on the tooth can mimic a cavity visually).

Treatments vary according to how severe the cavity is. Minor ones could benefit from a fluoride treatment; the average cavity, though, requires a filling in which the decay is drilled away and a filling substance is placed in the gap to create a whole tooth. Really severe cases might require a root canal.

Preventive Tooth Care: You Know the Drill

Preventing decay is simple! Brush, floss, and possibly use a mouthwash for plaque removal and gum health. Have your teeth cleaned twice a year and contact a dentist if you notice changes in between cleanings.

Also, limit the amount of sugary and sticky foods you eat. The more sugar and the more the food adheres to your teeth, the greater the risk of eventual decay.

Stop Tooth Decay in Its Tracks – Contact our Dentist in Riverview

Want to get the best care for your teeth? Contact Inspiration Dental in Riverview, FL at 813-677-1200 to schedule an appointment for a cleaning, exam, and x-ray. If you have tooth decay, we can evaluate its severity and treat it safely and quickly.

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