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Conditions Treated by Inspiration Dental, Your Riverview Dentist

It might seem strange to think this way, but your teeth are living things attached to your mouth. They go through a lot of stress and strain, with all the biting, chewing and grinding they do every day. While most can be prevented with regular visits and proper oral hygiene, it's important that you come into our office if you're experiencing symptoms of any of these conditions.

woman getting dental work

Riverview Dentist Discusses Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is also known as cavities or dental caries. It happens when the bacteria in plaque is left on the teeth. This plaque produces an acid that eats away at the tooth enamel, creating holes. Dr. Janis Milne, our Riverview dentist, advises that the likelihood of you getting tooth decay depends entirely on you and your lifestyle. 

Ignoring oral hygiene can not only cause tooth decay, it can create a long list of other conditions in your teeth and mouth. Some of the most common are:

  • Bad breath, while not serious, is a sign of worse problems to come, as well as an embarrassing social problem
  • Periodontal or gum disease is caused by plaque sticking to teeth so long it creates tartar. This forms pockets in which bacteria can grow, eating away at the ligaments and gum tissue surrounding them
  • Tooth infections are more serious and painful, directly attacking the nerves and roots of your teeth

All of these conditions can be virtually prevented by good brushing and flossing habits, as well as having our team do a comprehensive cleaning at least once every six months. Dr. Milne is experienced with treating tooth decay, periodontal disease, and tooth infections, and can repair any damage plaque and tartar have done to your teeth.

Other Dental Conditions

Not every dental problem can be traced to poor dental hygiene. Some are congenital, while others are due to your environment. For example, tooth erosion is caused by eating or drinking acidic foods. This causes the surface of your tooth to dissolve slightly and wash away. This can be unsightly, but it can also be a major cause of tooth sensitivity. If your teeth have already begun to erode, our dentist can cover the damage with a filling or veneer to prevent further damage.

Looking for a Dentist in Riverview?

Good oral hygiene can prevent many dental problems, but problems can happen to anyone. Our dentist in Riverview is always happy to see new patients for toothaches and dental emergencies, as well as regular examinations and cleaning. If you're looking for a new dentist in our area, call our office at 813-677-1200 for an appointment today.