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Dental Exams At Our Inspiration Dental in Riverview, FL

If you want an easy way to keep your teeth in the best shape possible, all you have to do is to go back to the basics, with proper oral care and regular dental exams. Inspiration Dental is ready to help you keep your teeth in great shape when you want to see a dentist in Riverview. The average dental exam is straightforward and offers a comprehensive view of what's happening in your mouth.

patient looking at xrays with dentist

A Typical Dental Exam

A dental exam is often combined with cleanings, so twice a year you'll see the dentist for routine maintenance. Make your appointment about a month or so in advance so you have the best choice of times. Ensure the dentist has current dental insurance information for you if you have that, and if you're paying cash, find out the price.

If you're due for x-rays, which can be every year or so, you'll start out with those. After taking the x-rays you'll go over to the dental assistant's space for the cleaning. Many dentists now use ultrasonic cleaners that emit sound waves with frequencies that help break up plaque; these make the cleaning go a lot faster, though they can sometimes emit odd sounds. If you're not sure if your dentist offers ultrasonic cleaners, definitely ask.

After the cleaning is done, you'll be given mouthwash, and then the dentist will come in to give you the exam. Your teeth, gums, and other mouth tissue will be under scrutiny; if you have a stain on your teeth, the dentist will poke around to ensure it's just stain and that the x-rays didn't miss any major decay points. If it turns out you need work, the dentist will discuss that with you. Dental exams really need to be done at least once to twice per year. This is why they're often paired with cleanings; you're going to be in the office anyway.

But Why Do I Need These? My Teeth Feel Fine

Tooth and gum problems don't always hurt. You can have massive cavities in your back molars without any pain. Your wisdom teeth could be about to erupt while impacted. Or you could have signs of gum disease in that little spot that's so hard for your toothbrush to reach. These exams spot issues like those as well as new issues that are just forming.

It's Time for Your Next Exam Contact Our Inspiration Dental in Riverview, FL

Inspiration Dental wants you to keep your healthy teeth and gums. Give us a call at 813-677-1200 to set up a time to drop by our Riverview office.