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Riverview Dentist Offers Tips on Remedies for Teeth Grinding at Inspiration Dental

When we want to describe a routine that causes discomfort, wear and tear on us, we often describe it as our "daily grind." But stress, tension, and dental abnormalities can also contribute to a more literal (and equally unpleasant) grind -- teeth grinding, more properly known as bruxism. If you're struggling with pain and tooth damage from this particular condition, you'll be happy to know that Inspiration Dental can prescribe remedies to correct the underlying cause of your bruxism.

teeth grinding

Understanding Bruxism

A certain amount of tooth clenching, grinding, and gnashing is an ordinary part of everyday functions such as chewing. But when this behavior goes on even when you're not trying to eat, it can accomplish no purpose other than wearing down your teeth. Bruxism may occur either consciously during waking hours or unconsciously during sleep. Possible causes may include emotional stress that encourages tight jaw muscles, missing teeth, a misalignment in your bite, neurological diseases, or sleep-related issues such as sleep apnea or a movement disorder. Certain behaviors can boost your odds of experiencing bruxism. For instance, smokers and drinkers are twice as prone to this disorder as other segments of the population. Caffeine consumption may also promote bruxism.

Even if you're not sure of the cause of your bruxism, the symptoms are easy enough to detect. You may suffer from:

  • Chronically sore jaws
  • Tension headaches
  • Neck, ear, or facial pain
  • Sleep problems
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Obvious tooth damage such as cracks, fractures, and premature wear

Diagnosis and Treatment from Our Riverview Dentist

If you think you may have a teeth grinding problem, come visit Inspiration Dental for answers. Our Riverview dentist, Dr. Milne, can check your bite alignment and the condition of your teeth while asking you about your lifestyle, medical history, and any current symptoms you're experiencing. Even if you're not in any discomfort, a routine dental exam may reveal thin enamel, tooth damage, or other telltale signs of unconscious bruxism.

Once we've determined the underlying cause of your teeth grinding, we can recommend the appropriate measures to get this painful problem under control. The most common preventative treatment is the use of a prescription night guard to protect your teeth from damage as you sleep. We may also recommend dietary and lifestyle changes to help you avoid bruxism triggers, as well as massage and other self-care techniques for keeping your jaw muscles relaxed.

Ready to Give up the "Daily Grind?" Contact Our Clinic Today

If your "daily grind" has become a daily burden on your teeth, it's time you did something about that teeth grinding problem. Call Inspiration Dental at 813-677-1200 for a consultation!