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Oral Surgery in Riverview With Inspiration Dental

dental tools in a patient's mouth at inspiration dental in riverfiew, FL checking to see if they need oral surgery

At Inspiration Dental, we provide complete Riverview dentistry services, including oral surgery. Explore common oral procedures we offer and learn how they can impact your life. 

Our Riverview Dentistry Services 

Our dentist, Dr. Milne, works with specialists, extractions and implants to provide cosmetic and medically-necessary oral surgeries. All surgical treatments begin with an appointment to review your symptoms, take x-rays if necessary, and answer any questions you have about the procedure.

We offer affordable financing options for oral surgeries to help make the care you need affordable for every budget. 

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Riverview

If you experience pain as a result of wisdom teeth, let Dr. Milne extract them for you. We'll use anesthetic to numb your mouth so you do not feel pain, then open up the gum and extract your wisdom tooth. Most patients sleep through the entire procedure!

Common signs you need to have your wisdom teeth removed include pain in the jaws, pain near your teeth, or teeth growing in at an awkward angle. 

Implant Placements in Riverview

Do you have a damaged or missing tooth? We can put in a dental implant to restore the integrity of your smile. Since dental implants are not anchored to other teeth the way bridges are, they are an elegant and long-lasting solution to many oral health problems. 

Dr. Milne first removes the damaged tooth, then readies your jaw for the implant. This may involve a bone graft. When the graft has healed, Dr. Milne will take molds of your teeth, create a replacement tooth, and implant it. 

Bone Grafting in Riverview

As part of a dental implant procedure, you may need a bone graft to create a strong base for the implant. Let us perform the bone graft for you and monitor the healing before performing additional dental work.  

Alveoplasty in Riverview

If you have lost or damaged teeth, you may notice uneven areas or ridges in the jawbone. Over time, the uneven nature of your jaw can cause problems with care and fitting for dentures. We can smooth out the uneven areas using a technique known as alveoplasty. 

Bone Recontouring in Riverview

If you experience difficulty cleaning in between your teeth, you may need bone recontouring surgery. In this procedure, Dr. Milne will remove excess bone to level out the jaw bone, so you can clean your teeth easily, protecting your oral health. 

Tooth Extraction in Riverview

Dr. Milne can extract a tooth for any reason, such as rot or breakage, and discuss seamless replacements with you. There are many solutions to replace a lost tooth and enjoy a clear smile. 

Contact Inspiration Dental To Learn More About Oral Surgery

Would you like to see our Riverview dentist to learn more about oral surgery in Riverview? If so, complete the appointment form on our website or call us today at 813-677-1200. If you are a new patient of ours and you do not have dental insurance, then you can save 10 percent off your first dental treatment!